Our Family

We are a Christian Homeschooling family of two parents: Ken and Cindy and eight children: Shiloh (20), Bethany (18), Jordan (16), Eden (13), Boaz (With Jesus ~ 6 years), Judah (5), Havilah (5), and Benjamin (3).

As a family we enjoy singing together and we all play various insturments-- a few of us teach as well!

We live on a small family farm in the lovely country where we raise: chickens for eggs, Mini Nubian Dairy Goats, and Turkeys. On our farm blog you can take a peak into our lives and you can also read our current and past EFF farm news.

Daddy &  Mommy | Married 30 years & counting!

Meet the Clan~

Shiloh Ariel | 20 years old | Harp

Bethany Rose | Nearly 18 years old | Violin

Jordan William | 16 years old | Piano

Eden Laurel | 13 years old | Piano

Judah Philip | 5 years old | Borun
Havilah Tirfe | 5 years old
Benjamin Abezu | 3 years old

In 2005 we began to pray about adoption being God's will for our family.  Then in October 2009 we decided to go for Ethiopia and were accepted by International Adoption Network.  It is our desire with this blog to journal about our adoption journey and to write about the ministry and blessings of adoption!

"Zitezerebkayo Kelem...Ziregeskayo LemLem Yigberelka."
-An Ethiopian Blessings/Proverb

Translation: "May your words be as ink and your steps be upon green pastures."

We hope this blog is a blessing to you!!

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