Tuesday, August 23, 2011

6 month Post Placement

Havilah, Ben, & Judah

Today, is our 6 month Post Placement meeting~ it doesn't seem like it's been that long since Havilah and Benjamin came home!!

Jordan, Eden, Benjamin, Shiloh, Mommy, Havilah, Daddy, Judah, and Bethany.

It's been so wonderful to be able to be apart of my younger siblings' lives as I watch them grow and learn more each and every day.  The pictures that I'm posting are some of the ones that we have chosen to be part of our 6 month picture report.  Please be praying that our meeting today goes smoothly!

Our "Littles"
15 passenger vans are fun (to rent) ~ All 7 of us

We really appreciate all of you who have prayed for us along this journey of adoption.  Most of all we are thankful to Lord for His greatness and goodness to our family.  We pray that we might shine His light through us!

Posted By: The Big Sister :)


Green Gardening Girl said...

That is so sweet. I can not believe it has been 6 months. It seems like yesterday!

Our friends' son and daughter who adopted from the Congo just got home.

Love, Jess

Shiloh said...

I know, Jess~ time flies! :)

That's so neat about your friends!!

Grace said...

Aww so cute!