Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hair :)

In my spare time I've been working on learning how to do Havilah's hair!  :)  At first her hair was extremely hard to brush out, but now with a little extra TLC she and I both brush it out morning and night and I think it's doing great!

Right now we are working on a better schedule to actually wash her hair, but with Havilah's type of hair it's not necessary to wash daily...  Here's what we do (currently):

1) In the morning or in the evening after her shower- I spray on Mane 'n Tail's detangler and let Havilah brush her hair with a pick (Quick Tip: I actually bought a few picks at the Dollar Store and they work fine!).

2) Next I put some coconut oil on my hands and gently rub it into her hair.  Havilah continues to use the pick and I use a detangler comb (I also got this at the Dollar Store!) to help brush out her hair.

3) Later I just use a normal comb to part her hair, if needed.  :)

I think my results have turned out quite well!  Although I still need to work on vertical lines as far as the parts go!  :)

First Try at Braiding

While I work on her hair (which takes about 30 minutes) Havilah reads a picture book and often reads it aloud to me. :)  Finally, when we're all done we look in the mirror together and then run off to show Mommy.  :) 

Results are improving!!

Do you have any hair tips you'd like to share?

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~The Big Sister :)

P.S. This post should have been posted ages ago!  :)  I've decided to make this subject a series of future posts-- so I'll try to post more tips in the future that I've been learning (and pictures of the results too!)!  :)

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