Monday, June 20, 2011

Calling All Adoptive Daughters & Moms!!

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The purpose of this blog ( is to document my journey of learning how to do and take care of my younger sister’s lovely, curly hair as well as encourage other young ladies (and moms!) in learning more about extremely, curly hair! 


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Happy Braiding........... and beyond :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hair :)

In my spare time I've been working on learning how to do Havilah's hair!  :)  At first her hair was extremely hard to brush out, but now with a little extra TLC she and I both brush it out morning and night and I think it's doing great!

Right now we are working on a better schedule to actually wash her hair, but with Havilah's type of hair it's not necessary to wash daily...  Here's what we do (currently):

1) In the morning or in the evening after her shower- I spray on Mane 'n Tail's detangler and let Havilah brush her hair with a pick (Quick Tip: I actually bought a few picks at the Dollar Store and they work fine!).

2) Next I put some coconut oil on my hands and gently rub it into her hair.  Havilah continues to use the pick and I use a detangler comb (I also got this at the Dollar Store!) to help brush out her hair.

3) Later I just use a normal comb to part her hair, if needed.  :)

I think my results have turned out quite well!  Although I still need to work on vertical lines as far as the parts go!  :)

First Try at Braiding

While I work on her hair (which takes about 30 minutes) Havilah reads a picture book and often reads it aloud to me. :)  Finally, when we're all done we look in the mirror together and then run off to show Mommy.  :) 

Results are improving!!

Do you have any hair tips you'd like to share?

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~The Big Sister :)

P.S. This post should have been posted ages ago!  :)  I've decided to make this subject a series of future posts-- so I'll try to post more tips in the future that I've been learning (and pictures of the results too!)!  :)