Friday, April 1, 2011

Chicken Pox, Ringworm, & Sinuses- Oh My!

Hey All!

We've been having just a "lovely" time together exposing each other over and over again with chicken pox, sharing ringworm, and enjoying sinus infections!  How exciting can life get?

 Here's our "Boo Boo Bunny Report" of the week!

Chicken Pox Epidemics

Benjamin- DONE! | Moderate Case
Havilah- Day 5 | Bad Case
Jordan- Day 4 | Moderate Case
Judah- Day 2 | Currently Moderate Case
As more cases come in....  Updates will follow!

Ringworm Outbreaks

Benjamin- Head & Body | Treatment in Process
Havilah- Head & Body | Treatment in Process
Judah- Face | Treating Day 5
Shiloh- Arm | Treating Day 2

"Ooo my sinuses!"

Sinus Infection Cases

Bethany- Treating Day 4 | Moderate
Eden- Treating Day 2 | Moderate

But all in all, we are so excited because we have some great friends who want to come over and join us in the midst of "itching folks", "apple cider vinegar sinuses", and "nail-polished ringworm"!!

Stay tuned to our EFF blog for an update on the Pox Party!

P.S. Our ringworm and chicken pox is very special!  We can trace it all the way back to Ethiopia!  Imagine that!


Kaggy said...

Just reading about it gives me the heebie jeebies.

Anonymous said...

Ah, I had a feeling that maybe it was a case from Ethiopia! =P
But I hope you all heal quickly! and are all feeling right as rain again soon.
You made me laugh with your humor and you're all so positive!

Cochran Family said...

Oh no!!! We're praying you all feel better soon!!!

I can sympathise with those who have chicken pox. I had a horrible case in Dec '06/Jan '07 -no fun. :). Hang in there- it does get better!!

Ashmore Family said...

Hilarious post.

Olga Counts said...

I pray you all get better soon. :)

Shelbi said...

Oh no! I hope you all get better soon!

We have good friends who adopted a 3 year old girl from Ethiopia last year, and when they got her home, they discovered she had chicken pox. I don't think she spread it to the rest of the family,though, which sadly you guys can't say!!! :)