Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tonight is the Night...

...when we will be praying that all our paperwork is together and that we will indeed be submitted to Embassy!!
American Embassy Logo|Photo Credit: Google

Our Agency (IAN) can only submitted to Embassy on Wednesdays...  so if we are not submitted tonight (which will be Wednesday in Ethiopia) we will have to wait for several more weeks (Embassy closes after this for a few of their holidays).  So, should your family think of us this evening, please be praying for our two little ones in Ethiopia.

Thank you!

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~The Big Sister :)


Hicks Family said...

Praying that your paperwork will get submitted today for your embassy date! Praying that you will be bringing home your beauties soon!
Michelle - Coming to America
Waiting for our court date and dying to meet our baby boy!

Nate Desmond said...

I'm praying!

Joni said...

Praying and very excited to see what God will do!