Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Hello Everyone!

We wanted to let you all know that tonight in America and today in Ethiopia is our court date for the adoption of T. & A.!

As many of you already know- Daddy is currently in Ethiopia and thankfully we have been able to contact him through FB chat as well as over the phone for a very small conversation (it costs $1.00 per minute!)...  Yesterday (or last night- our time :)), Daddy went to the Care Center and met T. & A

Later tonight (which will be the morning of the 22nd in Ethiopia) Mommy will be calling Daddy to pray with him as he prepares to head over to court.  Following court Daddy will head back to the Care Center and will probably meet the birth families as they say goodbye to the children. 

Here are some following things you can be praying for:

~For all the correct paper to be there-- if they do not have all the correct papers we will not pass court.

~That we will find favor in the judges' eyes-- Esther 5:2

~Both birth families will make to court.

~Any meetings Daddy may have with the birth families.

~That we will pass!!

Be sure to check STAAH tomorrow-- Lord willing we will have some news!

"And the heavens shall declare his righteousness: for God is judge himself. Selah." -Psalm 50:6

Thank you so much for your prayers!  Our family feels so blest by you all!!

In Christ,
~The Big Sister :)


Amelia said...

Thanks for updating!

The Whims Family said...

We just finished praying tonight and will in the a.m. too! 210

The Kearney Family said...

The Lord bless your sweet family : )

Anonymous said...

We are very Anxious... but are praying... Be anxious for nothing! God has all the plans layed out and we look forward to the news... May you all sleep well and Know the KING OF KINGS IS OVER ALL RULERS OF NATIONS!!! ~ The Petersens

The Family Cochran said...

We're praying!!!! May God bless and be with you all!!!

The R. Family said...

Oh, Happy! And Praying! The LORD is GOOD!

Shiloh said...

Thank you for comment, Petersen Family! :) Your comment made me smile-- I'll be sure to share it with the rest of the family!