Friday, March 12, 2010

Changes in Ethiopian Adoption Laws

Well... things were going along quite smoothly when a HUGE bump in the adoption road surprised us! In the midst of all sorts of opinions... questions... and lots of confusion.... it appears that there will be some changes in the travel to Ethiopia. There is talk of both parents having to appear in court... there is talk of two different trips to Ethiopia.... and there is more talk. As a family, we have chosen to pray and depend on our Lord Jesus to see us through. We don't have any definitive answers as of yet... so we would really appreciate your prayers right now to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! We would really like it if nothing changes at all.... so we are waiting.... We will update when we know more!
May our LORD bless you!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Adoption Statements

All five of us: Jordan, Bethany, Eden, Judah, & Shiloh - Christmas 2009

For those of you who remember this post you will remember that I mentioned each of us children living at home had to give a statement (for the home study) about our feelings on the adoption... and since we all live at home that meant all of us! Judah didn't really have to due to his age, but if you ask him what his thoughts are he actually comes up with some pretty good answers! His vocabulary is amazing! It's probably because of all his big siblings that well um... talk all the time... :)

So, without further delay... Here (in birth order) are our statements on the adoption!


I'm sure we will have more updates on the adoption process in the near future! For now the most important prayer request is that God would have the right children for our family and that we would be on the correct list for those blessings!

Until Later,

~The Big Sister :)