Monday, January 25, 2010


Hello Everyone!

Today is the Second Meeting (out of three). Daddy and Mommy will be meeting with the social worker at 2:00 pm. We would really appreciate your prayers and we are praying that the Lord would lead Daddy and Mommy to have a great interview! The whole S. clan here on the farm is looking forward to hearing about everything and when our parents come back home and we hear how it goes… we’ll let you know!

In Christ,

~The Big Sister :)


Unexpected Treasure said...

May the Lord continue to guide your family and bless your homestudy interviews!

Your new sibling will be so blessed to be adopted in your family and you will LOVE the joy they bring!

Love and prayers,

Nate said...

Dear Strang Family,

I will be praying!

God bless,

Dr. and Mrs. C. said...

Dear Shiloh (aka “Big Sister”),

Thank you for updating us on your adoption proceedings.

May the Lord’s peace and His guidance be with you!

The C. Duo