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I was recently studying an apologetic topic and I ran across this hymn written by Alice Marie Reynolds (Early 20th Century). Since we've been working on our adoption process for Ethiopia and I've always been interested in Africa I thought it was very interesting to find out that there had been a hymn written about salvation (the topic I was studying) and Africa. I thought I would share it for our Adoption Blog!

Salvation For Africa

Dark land by night oppressed,
Chained by the chains of wrong;
Crying for “Living Bread”
And Gospel light so strong,
With none to bear this light to thee,
I pray, O God, send me
To tell the story ever new.

God’s promises are true,
He will His own defend,
Arise and shine for Him,
Your light ne’er let grow dim.
Salvation’s sound shall yet ring round,
Old Afric’s coast by error bound,
And Jesus shall the victor be.

Let not the cares of earth
Fast bind me to my home;
Break every fetter, break,
I am my dear Lord’s own.
I’ll go where’er His hand may lead,
Doubt not or ever be afraid,
But trust His grace; lean on His Word.

Jesus shall come again,
When this whole world has heard
The Gospel preached and sung;
O Christian, tell the word,
Haste, haste the day when Christ shall reign
As Conqu’ror and Prince divine,
Triumphant o’er this world’s domain.

Click HERE for the music to this hymn.

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Aunt K. said...

Love Aunt K.

Mikell said...

What a neat poem!

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What a beautiful hymn and prayer. May God's truth be spread!