Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ethiopia Facts

Here are some facts I learned about Ethiopia:

~The area of Ethiopia is about 472,000 square miles or 1.2 square million kilometers which is almost twice the size of Texas!

~Ethiopia has a population of over 60 million people.

~The name of Ethiopia's capital is "Addis Ababa". It means "New Flower".

~Ethiopia uses a lot of spices. Their foods are some of the spiciest in Africa.

~The official language in Ethiopia is Amharic. It is related to both Hebrew and Arabic and has some words not found in the English Language.

~Money in Ethiopia is called a "Birr". A Birr is divded into 100 cents.

~Ethiopia has a National Bread called: "Injera". It is a soft, pancake like bread made from a native grain called: "teff".

~The word "coffee" may have come from a region in Ethiopia known as Kaffa. It is in that region where many people think coffee bushes first started growing.

~Sometimes Ethiopians enjoy eating popcorn with their coffee!

~Ethiopia's National Flag is stripped green, yellow, and red. The green stripe is for land and hope, yellow stands for church, and red is for power and faith. In the center of the flag is a star with rays all the same length. This shows that all of the Ethiopians are equal. The color of blue behind the star stands for peace and democracy.

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Thanks for the update! This is a good learning lesson for everyone!
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